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[ Visit Indonesia] Van Den Bosch Fortress, in Ngawi from Dutch

Helloooo people !! How’s life? I hope you always pretty, aaamiiinnn : )
We already in the middle of the August and my holiday is running out but I still stay in my home. No more take a walk or visit some interesting place in Ngawi. Yeeea, I spent my holiday with watching TV, updating my facebook status, or lay in my bed. Oke fix, I’m so lazyyyy personnn…

But, I try to make my long holiday more usefull. So, in Sunday morning, august 10, 2014 yesterday my sister and I went to some place that have many history. Yup, all of people around the place call that place “ Benteng Pendem “ but the reality the name of that place is “ Van Den Bosch Fortress “. Maybe, because the fortress in underground so all of people around there call it “ Benteng Pendem “ :D

The location of Benteng Pendem not so far from my home. Maybe, I need 10 – 15 minutes to go there. Benteng pendem located in Jalan Diponegoro near Makam Pahlawan Ngawi, East Java, Indonesia. The way to go there is very easy. If you don’t bring motorcycle or maybe you’re not Ngawi’s residents you can by angkot to go there and you just pay Rp 3000. Believe me, It’s very easy to go Benteng pendem because the location of Benteng Pendem in the central of Ngawi city.

Benteng Pendem open from 08.00 WIB – 17.00 WIB in everyday. Visting benteng pendem is the best choice to spent your free time in Ngawi. Why I can say like that? Because you can get more knowledge and beside that you can take a lot of photo in the benteng. FYI, the building of Benteng Pendem like building in foreign country because Benteng Pendem are builded by Dutch People when They colonize Indonesia long long long time ago. So, many people always take many photo if they go there. Trust me, you will never say “ I disappointed go to this place “after you went to Benteng Pendem but you will say “ if I in Ngawi I’ll go to Benteng Pendem again “. 

First, you’ll enter and be welcoming with ticketing people. You must pay Rp 2000 for one person and Rp 1000 for one motorcycle if you bring motorcycle. And if you go straight you will find Van Den Bosch Fortress map to direct you. If you go and turn right you’ll find canteen and gift store and if you turn left you’ll find mushola and bathroom. But if you go straight you’ll find building in your left and your right and if you go straight more you’ll see two rivers meet in the one place. And if you want to see more building like colosereum Roma or prison you must go to this place, oke? Hehehe, I’ll waiting for you beibeeeeh…

some part of Benteng Pendem

I suggest you if you wanna go to Benteng Pendem at early Morning or evening.Because if you go there at afternoon you’ll like SATE. In the Benteng Pendem is very hot in the afternoon. Or maybe if you only can go there in the afternoon you can bring your hat.

Oke, I think it’s enough for review of Van Den Bosch Fortress or I usually call it benteng Pendem. Maybe, if you wanna go there I’m ready to be your guide, hahaha
me, my little brother, and my sister. I know we're totally different :D

Oemji, i like a cabe - cabean -__-

No, i'm not Jokowi's supporter :D

Candid but i think it's failed :D

Where are you my soulmate? hahaha

See you next post…
And I’m sorry if my English is “ amburadul “ because I still learning :D
Au Revoir :*

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