Jumat, 15 Agustus 2014

[ Tutorial ] Make your own Rampel Hijab

Updating Instagram is my new hobby during my long long long holiday. Yaa, have for about 1 month full Holiday make me very very bored, lazy, and unproductive. But, with updating Instagram little bit decrees my unproductive day during my holiday, hahaha 

This is picture that i post in my Instagram :)

Talking about my Instagram, I remember that my friend ask me about my “ Rempel Hijab “ that I wear and I post on my Instagram. She ask me where I bought that Hijab and where she can find that similar hijab like me? I bought that Hijab from my friend that I know on blog. And I think that Hijab is very expensive plus you must pay your transport cost from Bogor. 

When I precise my Rempel Hijab I think you and I can make Hijab like that. You just need two pcs Paris Hijab that sell in every Hijab shop. Wanna know how I make my own Rampel Hijab? Follow this instruction and you’ll find your own Rampel Hijab, the new style for Hijab.

1.     What you’ll needed?

2.     Make sure which one that will be hijab and whice one that will be rampel.

3.     Make the line in Paris Hijab that will be Rampel

4.     Cut the line

5.     Fold the Paris Hijab that you cuted be like the picture shown below

6.     Add the rampel to the paris Hijab. 

7.     Sewing the rampel to the paris Hijab

8.     Finisssshh, your own Rampel Hijab is alredy done.

So easy make a rampel hijab? Now, you can sell your rampel hijab to your friend, because the rampel hijab is new style for hijab and very difficult to find in hijab shop. And if you make rampel hijab by yourself you can economy your money, hehe

Bye bye, see you next post with the new tutorial from mata kodok.

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